Veronica A. Williams is a recognized authority on business and technology. An internationally acclaimed author, lecturer and consultant, she is considered an expert on deriving value from new and emerging technologies. Ms. Williams has written numerous articles and authored popular books including the applauded book Wireless Computing Primer (IDG Books), and Turning Technology into Value. Ms. Williams has delivered keynotes at several events including COMDEX, UTC, Energy Technology Convention, the Cingular Interactive Developer Conference and Canada’s MUNeGOV conference. Ms. Williams is featured in the book entitled, published by William Morrow & Company. Her television appearances include Computer Chronicles, Chicago Tomorrow, the CBS Early Show and ZDTV.

As President of ACT Inc., a management consulting and technology services firm, Ms. Williams directs the delivery of products and services that help clients to realize improvements in the areas of finance and operations. Ms. Williams’ areas of expertise include business process reengineering, business development and operations management. She has served as a leading advisor and judge, and also leads engagements with major corporations, government agencies and industry associations. Her clients include many well-known and prominent organizations such as American Express, the U.S. Army, Motorola, the New York Board of Trade and Cingular.

Prior to ACT, Inc., Ms. Williams spent more than10 years at major corporations including AT&T, Fujitsu and IBM. Having held positions in Operations, Finance and Marketing, she was part of the core team that prepared the Capitalization Plan submission to the FCC for the breakup of AT&T, has launched new software and hardware products, and established business ventures that achieved substantial increases and revenue and profits. As an industry expert, a Rotarian and corporate Board Member, Ms. Williams has a reputation of impeccable integrity, developing strong organizations, being an inclusive leader and delivering impressive results.

Ms. Williams possesses engaging platform skills and frequently is invited to address public and private groups on the topics of business and technology. She has represented Apple, Microsoft, COMDEX, the Consumer Electronics Show and other industry organizations on media and advisory panels. Ms. Williams is a two term President of the Rotary Club of Orange and has held several board positions with corporations, trade associations and industry groups. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for BayStream Ventures.

Ms. Williams is a graduate of Brandeis University with a degree in economics and sociology, and received an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. She has studied in the US and Europe, and has traveled throughout the world. A native of Washington, DC, Ms. Williams currently maintains residences in Washington, DC and the New York City area.

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