Mikaelian offers a revealing look at female pioneers through profiles of 75 who have broken through the so-called glass ceiling in nearly every field of corporate endeavor. The women include Mary Jean Connors, Knight Ridder senior vice president; Rebecca Graham Paul, president and chief executive office of Georgia Lottery Corporation; Veronica Williams, Founder and President of ACT, Inc., and Phyllis J. Campbell, president of U.S. Bank Washington. "As the last generation that faced a male-dominated workforce," Mikaelian concludes, "their lives are a record of that time and an inspiration to anyone who is building a career." –
– Howard Rothman
Founder of ACT, Inc.
Successful track record developing revenue streams from the creation of new products, services and business ventures. She launched the DiscoverIT™ Showcase, secured Federal and State contracts, and produced a line of training products

Fortune 100 Manager

Ms. Williams spent more than 10 years at major corporations including AT&T, Fujitsu and IBM. Having held positions in Operations, Finance and Marketing, she facilitated divestitures and acquisitions, launched new products, and played a leading role in cutting edge initiatives.

Federal Contractor

Having earned her first order from the United States Army, Williams has served on Federal industry boards, established relationships with several agencies and negotiated multiple GSA schedules.
"Ms. Williams has a reputation of impeccable integrity, developing strong organizations, being an inclusive leader and delivering impressive results"
George Pappas
Chief Operating Officer, Cingular Wireless
"Having achieved international recognition for her solid technical knowledge and astute business skills, Ms. Williams has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to turn solutions into reality"
Thomas Henderson
CEO Extreme Labs
@Veronica Williams, 2009